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Menge Media
Menge Media is a company focused on catering for the growing Green Market. With an objective of being labelled the opinion leader in Green marketing, it is a company designed to understand and communicate with the ecologically sensitive consumer. Menge Media retains a sculpted vision of a Greener planet and a safer, preserved environment at the core of its operations, thereby driving its team towards becoming a Green consultancy of the highest calibre.

The rapidly growing Green Market is over-flowing with lucrative opportunities that simultaneously focuses on the environment's sustainability: a win-win situation that has already enticed corporate giants to climb aboard and stake their claim in contributing towards a sustainable environment.

Menge Media makes it their passionate priority to assist any individuals or companies that share this vision. It is a Green Marketing agency that is fully equipped to efficiently accommodate the needs of a “Green” business. It provides companies and individuals that are in pursuit of a foolproof plan of action with the means to render their market offering an ideal source for the ecologically conscious consumer.


Our Services

Menge Media is a Marketing Agency with a full set of skills including: 

Public Relations


Campaign Management


Web Reputation Management


Search Engine Marketing


Social Media Management


Newsletter Marketing


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A team for sustainability
We consolidate business growth and environmental longevity for a profitable triple bottom line