Why do we do it in Green?

We are living in a world where melting ice-caps, toxins seeping into our soil, climate change, and depleting forests have become an undeniable reality. The more initiative we take as individuals and as a society to reverse these affects, the better chance our environment has of sustaining us. Menge Media is a part of a growing force geared towards the environment's sustainability, and conserving the planet's natural resources. It all boils down to supply and demand. As vast as our planet is, we have a limited amount of available resources and a growing amount of people who are exhausting these resources. Creating awareness is quintessential in forming larger numbers of participants in Green initiatives that protect these precious resources.
Many consumers are under the impression that going green is a costly and timely venture for only the wealthy few. These consumers are unaware of the numerous benefits that come hand-in-hand when joining the Green movement. Among these benefits are:
Decreased expenses - Green initiatives aim to reduce energy consumption which in turn reduce electricity bills, resulting in decreased expenses on a short-term and long-term basis. 
Health benefits: being a part of a Green initiative allows for an overall improvement and quality of life, moreover, improving productivity and employee satisfaction in the workplace.  Added benefits of self-satisfaction sprout from contributions towards the improvement of our environment and how we live in it. 
A safe future for our children: the most obvious and important benefit of going green is the creation of a safe and preserved environment for our children. It is difficult to imagine the extinction of numerous species and pollution so horrific that flowing water is no longer consumable. By taking action against pollution of the air, land and water, and promoting recycling and renewable energy we can help ensure a safe place for the future of our young loved ones.