A Peep into the world of Menge Media

As an arty-farty girl that was brought up on crayons, paint, pianos, and pictures stepping into a world of giant metallic beasts and computer jargon caught me off-guard. I felt quite daunted by the tasks that were laid before me, but I was nonetheless eager to begin a new venture down a path I hadn't yet taken or even considered until now. This world of giant metallic beasts and computer jargon isn't quite as robotic and as unnatural as I always liked to believe. Being introduced into this world I feel excited about its potential to make a difference, and I am beginning to feel like a seedling that could grow quite rapidly into a productive individual in society to help inject the GREEN into this place that it so desperately needs.
Further exploration down this seemingly never-ending rabbit hole of knowledge of this vast world would inevitably ignite within me a drive to conquer all that needs to be done to consider myself a “Green” individual.
Jumping on board this moving train we are handed the task to help Menge Media transition from a Web Marketing Agency with a focus on Sustainability to a Sustainability Marketing Consultancy. The sole focus will be on the GREEN aspect of business, thus it will continue with its original attempts at forming a green client base, except render a more amplified version thereof.
Green marketing, as I have come to understand it thus far, is a moving and growing force of individuals and companies with a mind set on the future. They focus on the sustainability of the environment and how people live within it. They have an eye for the future, in other words they focus on what we (as individuals and as a society) can do NOW to ensure the environment will endure. Their aim is to continue with producing, marketing, and other business related activities to assist in the economic growth of this world but SIMULTEANOUSLY banishing and eliminating any aspects that are harmful in the process thereof, i.e. harmful products and chemicals, car fumes, green house gases, the eradication of the forests, oil spills, non-recyclable materials.
eMarketing is closely interlinked with Green marketing because electronic media is used to alleviate the unimaginable numbers of trees being cut down at exponential rates to provide us with paper and other types of material to market.
The world is changing, slowly but surely, and we as its people are becoming ever more concious of the damage we are doing to our environment and what it is we can do to stop it and fix it. Creating awareness was the beginning but now is the time for DOING. The more people that jump on board NOW the more of a chance we have to make it a LAW … to make “being GREEN” an unquestionable concept amongst people. We begin with eMarketing … we begin with accommodating only those who can call themselves “GREEN” ! We begin … !

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