What is the Green Money demographic?

The Green Money demographic is a steady growing group of consumers that tend to be wealthy and therefore more willing to pay for the promise of Green goods. As the Green market continuously expands so does the target market it caters for; in essence, the Green Market is inevitably beginning to cater for the masses. The consumers within this demographic take preference to goods that have little or no ecological impact. They form part of “Green” networks that help them locate and establish sources that provide for their needs and wants. Increased revenue and lowered operating costs are but a few benefits that are derived from establishing relationships with these Green individuals and networks.

What does it mean to be a Green consultancy?

A Green consultancy is defined as a company that is primarily focused on executing activities that ultimately assist a business in the process of becoming Green and more ecologically aware. Although Green Marketing and consultancy is currently an evolving concept, increasing amounts of businesses are taking steps to becoming Green. Reasons for the rise in these numbers can be linked to the benefits of the creation of a larger market segment, and the benefits of decreased operating expenses. Menge Media offers services that can help these companies along the path of transformation and to convey their green image to the ecologically sensitive consumer.