Building Greener towards a sustainable future

The Green Building Councils of 98 countries are excited to announce World Green Building Week taking place on the 16th to the 20th September 2013. During this time interested people can expect a host of events and campaigns, including the showcasing of The Green Building Council South Africas's new “Green” office, situated in Observatory. Here observers can witness a spectacular example of “practise what you preach” … The Green Building Council SA eventually realised that to truly promote a greener society they had to go the extra mile to prove how evidently devoted they are, they wanted to convey a message of how a company can resemble the epitome of what they claim to support and promote. A refreshing way to create true work satisfaction. The World Green Building Week also allows outsiders to voice their opinions, share their Green stories, and ask for advice, another means to encourage society toward making Green choices.