Hydrogen Fuel: a new alternative

The world-wide pressure is on the motor vehicle manufacturing industries as governments across the globe press for emission reduction policies. This has led to an increase in popularity of electric cars as the the car manufacturers continue to develop new ideas to make electric cars more accessible to the public. A relatively new concept that BMW has adopted is that of Hydrogen fuel, which is said to cause no harmful impact on the environment as it does not produce any emissions to create electic power for the car. These hydrogen powered cars claim to perform better than battery powered cars in the categories of performance and durability, they are also said to perform for longer periods of time. They further claim to be on par with traditional cars. It almost seems as a perfect alternative that could very well reignite the interest for emission-free cars and allow the globe to take part in a world-wide movement towards sustainability … but it is reported that the hydrogen fuel used to power these cars is extremely expensive. While car manufacturers continue to discover and promote emission-free cars under the unyielding government pressure, the day the discover a way to produce emission-free cars that are AFFORDABLE is the day we can really commend them. For the time being these inaccessible cars are an amazing concept but nevertheless not extremely efficient if it is still not realisiticly available to the masses.