UK Government discredits the science behind neonicotinoid insecticide

While the UK government has finally agreed to proceed with the ban against the insecticide neonicotinoid, it has still repudiated the claims that scientists have made in regards to the harmful effects neonicotinoid has proved to cause. Scientists believe that the death of bees are linked to this pesticide and even though the government openly rejects this idea it will nonetheless still go forth with the ban. Furthermore, the government's reasons for having previously disapproved the ban were due to the harmful effects it believed pests would cause on crops and gardens if pesticides were banned. This seems quite ironic, seeing that it is widely believed that it is the pesticides that cause more harm than the natural pests or pollinators. It appears likely that the government had finally realised that the disadvantages outweigh the benefits when using neonicotinoid as an insecticide. To read the article click on the following link: